Hey! I'm Samantha. 

 Dream Activator. Business Doula. Intuitive. Mentor. Channel. Sun Worshipper. Writer. Yogi. World Traveler. Twerker. Empath. Tree hugger. 



I’ve been described by my clients as the love child Dr. Brené Brown and Tony Robbins never had. My specialty is teaching purpose-driven entrepreneurs how to launch their online businesses so they can serve more people and have more time doing the things they love. 



After graduating from the University of Florida with a BA in advertising, concentration in Leadership and certificate in both Sustainability Studies and Health + Spirituality, I came across a small farmers market company that ignited my entrepreneurial love affair with the wellness industry. They had a delicious line of plant-based soups with one incredibly powerful story. In the next 30 days I created an entirely new brand to better meet market trends and communicate the founders’ story. After launching the new brand in stores, sales quadrupled overnight. In this moment I learned the power of impact branding and storytelling. I went on to serve as the CEO and became well versed in what it takes to successfully brand a company, hire and lead a team, raise venture capital, expand retail channels and distribution, and launch a successful social media and publicity campaign. 
After leading my first company to success, I was hooked and ready to serve more people. A few years later and 500+ hours of one on one coaching later, I now work with purpose-driven entrepreneurs launch their business too— without the overwhelm I felt as first-timer.


I experienced firsthand what it was like to preach health and wellness, while sacrificing my own values in order to grow the business and I'm committed to making sure you don’t make the same mistakes. My functional approach to consulting provides a sustainable road to success, rather than the traditional hustle-harder model that inevitably leads to burn out. Through my holistic methodology of 1:1 executive coaching intertwined with today's top digital marketing and sales strategies, I ensure my clients thrive both personally and professionally. I can't wait to work with you!

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