Hey ZenBoss, Are You Ready To Turn Your Passion Project Into a Profitable Business? 

If you’re ready to launch your online business (or take it to the next level) you’re craving financial freedom, more time to do the things you love and less time stressing over where to find your next client or how the heck to set up your email list. 

As your business coach, I’m there every step of the way, by your side to teach exactly how to sell out your online programs and master social media marketing — for good!  

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Your 5 Step Journey

Create an UNSHAKEABLE Foundation for Your Business 


Say bye-bye to feeling scatterbrained most of the day and constantly wondering what to focus on to grow your business. I teach you exactly where to put your attention every day of the week from marketing tasks to content creation, financial planning— even organizing your inbox and social media channels to maximize efficiency. You will learn how to operate as the CEO of your business while mastering your daily calendar, organizing your tasks like a b-o-s-s and maximizing overall productivity. 

Nail your Niche & Build Your Irresistible Offer

Learn how to discover a profitable niche, identify who your ideal client is and exactly where they hangout online. You will learn how to connect with your prospects and conduct market research to learn what their needs are and how to create a results-driven program that speaks directly to their desires. I work with you hands on to package your irresistible online offer, name it, price it and host it. 

Build an Engaged Community & Create Content that Converts 

Once you master the language of your ideal client, its time to build your community of raving fans ready to invest in your offer. You will learn how to create content that speaks directly to your community’s wants, needs and desires. Learn how to leverage instagram stories, FB groups, video & email marketing as tools to build trust and convert strangers into high paying clients. With dozens of examples and done-for-you templates and scripts, you’ll never feel stumped on what to say to attract your dream clients! 

Land Press Features & Develop Strategic Partnerships

Have a dream of being featured on podcasts & platforms like Forbes, MindBodyGreen, but have no clue know where to start or what’d you talk about?— I got you covered. I teach you exactly how to identify and pitch podcasts & media outlets that your ideal customer are tuning into, and what you’ll be sharing as your expert topics. In step 4 you’ll also learn how to develop win-win partnerships and collaborations with experts in complimentary industries while building out an affiliate offering for them to promote your program for you! 


Now that you’re positioned as a leading authority figure in your field, its time to launch your offer! 
In step 5 I teach you how to promote your offer through social media, drive your audience to your magnetic sales page and fill your calendar with sales calls. Don’t worry about feeling “salesy” one bit. I give you our proven conversation starters, templates & heart-centered sales scripts to use in the DMs and live on calls along with a guide on how to handle sales objections that may come your way. 

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